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Digital Marketing is like Pie?

Digital Marketing is like Pie?Get your peice of the pie

Digital Marketing is like Pie

The reason why I used Digital Marketing is like pie reference is simple, but profound. Firstly, we cannot have a pie unless we follow the directions to make the pie. The problem with pie making is that most people who get good at baking had someone teach them not just with directions but with hands on experience-training. Many people and businesses fail in the digital world, because the set of directions are so diverse, complicated that the average person cannot follow them. No it is not really complicated but many of the “gurus” have made it that way keeping “secrets” to themselves.

As Social Media continues to grow there are serious questions for those of us who own businesses. What is the best platform for my business? Where are my customers? What kind of engagement will I have to do to obtain and retain my customers? What exactly excites my potential customer? And what does it have to do with pie?

Why “Gurus” use Confusion and Overwhelm!?

Let’s get away from the pie analogy just for a minute. If I could make thousands of dollars a day digging gold in the park closest to me and word started getting out about it, how would I find a way to keep it to myself without using force or violence? Simple, just give you so much information that you find it difficult to keep up and either get confused or get stuck in overwhelm (so that you just give up)! This is what most of the so called “gurus” have done and then after they sell you 1 course, then they sell you another because they know they have you addicted to finding the “cure” to growing your business online.  Many of them give you such basic information after buying it you already knew what was contained inside but you just couldn’t put it into words like them or it is so complicated 5 scientist from NASA couldn’t figure it out. Yes I am being a bit sarcastic but you get my point. Once this cycle has happened a couple of times they “warn” you  of shiny object syndrome in which they have programmed you to have buy the way the share information with you . Every other week you hear them saying, this will be the only course you ever need for_____ but then within 6 months it is obsolete.

It is not all bad news…

This is not to say that all digital or internet marketers are phony, as a matter of fact there are many I have found that have integrity, and are straight shooters. You have to ask yourself the question “Why?”. What is your motivation for doing any business online or otherwise? What are you willing to sacrifice to reach your target or goals? What skills are there needed to obtain the intended goal? Are you willing to learn? Are you ready for the challenge?

Digital Marketing like Pie the Ingredients are also important!

Now that we have covered that back to pie, it is a American staple of dessert. The flavor or type of pie doesn’t really matter for my example, so just use your favorite, mine is apple, cherry or French silk. But pie is also used a pictorial of percentages. Depending on your business model the ingredients to your marketing in the digital world will difer. Just like the difference between apple pie and pumpkin pie the ingredients are different and even some of the procedures. So find out what works for you by getting some coaching, and maybe even a few mentors. Let’s deviate from pie one more time while I share some facts with you.

In 2017, every minute the following happened on the internet. 3.5 million People used Google to search, 900,000 logged into Facebook, 4.1 million videos were watched, 150 million emails were sent, 350,000 tweets were tweeted, 40,000 hours of music were listened to on Spotify, 70,000 hours of movies and TV shows watched on Netflix, and 2.5 million spent. Now that average happened every minute of 2017. If my math is correct that would be at least 1.3 trillion dollars of sales in 2017. Here is where it should get interesting and thanks for staying around. My question to you is,” how big do you want your slice of the Digital Marketing Pie to be?” If you like my blog please like, share and subscribe!

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Chris Collier "the Social Media Icon" shares training, tips, tricks, and industry experts in the internet, personal branding and social media marketing Niches.
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Chris Collier
Chris Collier

Chris Collier "the Social Media Icon" shares training, tips, tricks, and industry experts in the internet, personal branding and social media marketing Niches. Get Your Free Blog Here

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